Vintage Restoration vs. Vintage Renovation

Restoration of a vintage travel trailer begins with an intact, original trailer in relatively good condition.The trailer is returned to factory original condition with careful attention to preserving its history and authenticity. Quite often this process is from the “ground-up” and includes completely stripping the coach and rebuilding its operations and appearance as closely as possible to what its original new condition might have been. Original or quality reproduction materials are sourced to recreate the nostalgic look and feel of a bygone era.

Renovation is a process that takes a vintage trailer and customizes it based on your needs and desires. Modern designs and materials are used to create a one-of-a-kind vintage trailer with high end functionality. Renovation is the more popular choice and allows for complete customization of both exterior and interior. With endless possibilities, a renovated vintage trailer can include upgraded amenities and modern conveniences such as entertainment systems, bathrooms and appliances.
Whether you are looking to preserve the historical charm of your vintage trailer or give it a fresh new look, our team of professionals will make certain the end result provides you the classic and stylish camping experience you deserve.

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