A leak in your RV roof can quickly put a damper on your carefully planned travel itinerary.Water intrusion can quickly become a serious issue, resulting in mold, mildew and rot and other costly damage to your RV’s interior. Whether your roof has been damaged by collision or is beginning to show signs of deterioration, we know how important it is for you to have professional roof repairs made efficiently and backed up with a reliable warranty. Our roof repair services include a complete roof inspection, repairs made by industry professionals and, if needed, coordinating claims with your insurance company.

When it comes time to repair your RV roof, our team of professionals may suggest one of the following solutions:


    After completing a thorough inspection of your RV roof, we will remove the damaged area and replace it with new material. We will then apply a layer of our Superior RV Roof Coating over your entire roof. This is a leak-proof rubber coating that comes backed with a 15-year warranty.


    If your RV roof has sustained collision damage, tree damage or has gone years without necessary maintenance, the recommended solution may be a total roof replacement. This service includes removing your damaged roof, replacing it with a new one and application of our Superior RV Roof Coating. As one of the nation’s authorized dealers of this innovative product, we are equipped to offer our customers a completely maintenance and worry-free RV roof. This product comes with a guaranteed 15-year warranty.


    Our 15-year warranty means your roof will be leak-free and maintenance-free. Guaranteed to be waterproof, our special roof coating is the strongest, most durable product on the market. As certified applicators of this unique RV roof coating, our customers have one less thing to worry about when it comes to their RV maintenance.

Your new roof comes with all these added features:

  • Instant Waterproofing
  • 90% Solar Heat Reflective Keeping Your RV Cooler
  • Seals Out Ponding Water on Flat Roofs
  • Resists Hail Impact and Dirt Pick-up
  • Will Not Support Mold Growth
  • The Strongest, Most Durable Roof Coating Product
  • 15-year Product Guarantee
  • Leak-Proof, Worry-Free

Upon arrival we connect to shore power and test all roof mounted appliances for proper operation. All screw trim and roof components are removed and safely stored/covered until ready to be reinstalled. The existing membrane is removed and an inspection of the decking is performed, and any defects are noted. If signs of water intrusion are detected, the areas effected will need to be addressed. If minimal, the areas can be treated to kill or prevent any kind of mold that may be present or forming. If areas of the decking are soft or contain more than surface stains, that area will need to be removed and new decking installed. Our technicians will determine at this time the course of action that should be taken. If wood rot/mold or any other issues are found, this will be documented and photos will be stored in our customer file. In the case of your repairs being covered by an insurance company, then all documents will be sent immediately to the handling agency or adjuster for supplemental authorization attached to the original claim. After the decking has been repaired or treated, the new roof install process is ready to begin. The first step is to overlay the entire roof with new sheeting of luan. Once overlaid, we now have an even smooth foundation. At the factory this process happens quickly and for time’s sake they use staples to install the wood, at our facility we use the best screws so they will not back out and cause damage while you travel. After gluing and screwing the new luan down, we proceed to install a mesh tape over all screw heads and seams.We then apply manufacturer specific glue rolled out in sections and roll the membrane out on the roof top while squeegying for proper application. Once this has been completed we allow the glue to set for 24-48 hours. The roof is then cut out for all components to be reinstalled and the screw trim completely cleaned and reinstalled. This process involves a double layer of sealant including butyl tape and lap sealant. After being installed then our certified technicians reseal the entire roof with self-leveling sealant and non-sag. we reinstall all interior components and retest to assure working as designed upon arrival. Once completed with repairs, we then move your RV outside to our detailing area and thoroughly clean all saw dust and debris from the interior and as a courtesy we wash the exterior. 

At this time our guest is set up with an appointment to to schedule an active delivery. We will review all work performed and show before during and after photos. Included in this active delivery will be a demonstration of all roof mounted components working as they arrived. Then all payments and signature stating the work was completed to the guests satisfaction are signed a a copy provided to you along with care and warranty instructions. 

Don’t let a leaky RV roof ruin your next adventure! Contact us today for your FREE roof inspection. With our RV roof repair and replacement services, you don’t have to worry about a leaky roof the next time you’re driving through a rainstorm.

No leaks, less worry, more fun!

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